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Next time you leave for your local Coffee House, go there armed with some coffee culture ordering terms. Look non-chalante as you say, “I wanna skinny, dry, haf caf cap with legs- and whip it, please.”

Will the response be, “Why yes sir, coming right up!”? Or, might the barista look at you with an amused but puzzled expression on their face?

If you are used to having a few chinks in your armor, why not try out some of these coffee ordering terms and see what happens-

“Cap” is short for cappuccino

“Decaf” Coffee has 97% of the original caffeine removed.Chemicals may be used to remove caffeine. Coffee can also be “Swiss water processed” to remove the caffeine.

“Dry” means a drink with frothed milk only (little or no creamy hot milk).  Most “dry” drinks can be made with foam art.

“Double” means twice as much of flavored syrup, a double shot of espresso, two packs of sweetener or twice the amount of milk. Say, “Double sugar” or “Double milk” to get twice the amount of it. “Haf Caf” is a one to one blend of “decaf” and “regular” coffee also called a “split shot” or “half and half.”

“Extra” is like a “double” but is basically asking for more of something, like flavoring, milk or sweetener.

“House” refers to the house blend of coffee, which varies from shop to shop. It is apropriate to ask what it tastes like or to try a sample.”Regular” means with caffeine- not “decaf”.

“Mocha” is coffee made with chocolate syrup or powder.

“Rice” means that you want rice milk in your coffee. Some coffee houses will have it, although it is less common than soy milk.

“Quad” is coffee with four shots of espresso- whoa, baby! It is also known as a “double double”, but not in Canada, where it means “with two sugars and two creamers.

“Skinny” means a beverage made with non-fat milk.

“Shot” is one serving size. It is usually applied to espresso and flavored syrups.

“Single’ is one shot of espresso ordered straight or as a part of a more complex beverage. It can also apply to a “single sugar” or a “single shot of flavor”.
“Solo” is any sized drink that is made with only one shot of espresso.

“Solo” and “Skinny” are useful for placing espresso and coffee orders, but they can also be confusing if you’re relatively new to coffee drinks and espresso drinks.

“Soy” means a coffee drink with Soymilk. It can be ordered instead of milk or in addition to your beverage.

“Sugar-Free” means that you are ordering a flavored syrup with a sugar substitute, or a sugarless version of a sweet drink.

“Triple” is a coffee beverage with three shots of espresso.

“Wet” drinks have little or no foam, unlike dry drinks have and a larger quantity of milk. Usually most coffee beverages are “wet” unless you wish them to be “extra wet”.

“Whip” is whipped cream. If you wish to have it added , order, “whip”. If you don’t want a drink to have whipped cream then it normally does, say, “no whip”.

“With Legs” means that you wish to have the drink in an insulated to-go cup with a lid.

Happy ordering!


Aeropress Coffee

by admin on March 7, 2012

Aeropress Coffee Maker – An Innovative Success.

Aerobie improved on the design of the frizbee, and now has upgraded the French press coffee maker concept to the next level. Reviewers are raving about the simplicity of the Aeropress, the pure quality of the coffee it quickly produces, and it’s affordability.

The press down design of the Aeropress and the French Press are a similar idea, but beyond that, their concepts diverge. Unlike the French Press, the Aeropress makes coffee that is so pure, it can be stored for some time as a concentrate. Espresso, lattes and regular coffee can be made with the concentrate.

The French Press creates gritty and bitter coffee compared with the aeropress. the French Press instructs people to use coarse ground coffee. Because of this, steeping time is longer and some of the flavor is missed. It is recommended that French Press coffee be drunk immediately.

New innovations and improvements on old ways of making coffee will come again and again, but for now, Reviewers and consumers agree that the Aerobie is a breakthrough design in coffee making. It is priced around $30-$39.

I am pleased to say, it not only has dramatically improved our home brew but also has made it difficult to drink anything else! You must try it to understand why this device is the only coffee maker I will ever own again. Making an AeroPress coffee takes only 30 seconds (start to finish) and best of all, only takes a few seconds to clean!


Coffee Shops – The New Office Workspace

March 6, 2012

The Workspace as we know it is changing. Technology for doing work in the office is now available anywhere- including the coffee shop. Office workers will no longer need to brave commuter traffic jams to get to the office in order to work at a soul-less cubicle. Colleges are already able to see the coffee [...]

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Coffee for Reduced Risk of Stroke in Women?

March 6, 2012

Women Coffee Drinkers – Lower risk of Stroke Possible Coffee, like other pleasures, is what we have always been urged to enjoy in “moderation”. Always, this has been considered common sense. However, a study from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden has revealed a possible loophole in that traditionally held belief. “The Karolinska Institute is one of the world’s leading medical universities… Karolinska accounts [...]

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Yet More Coffee Health Benefits Reported

March 6, 2012

Seems like every day there’s another news story on how coffee will cure what ails you. Now a Harvard health journal reveals possible benefits of coffee in moderation. Over the years, there has been much concern over the health risks of coffee. Many people choose to stay away from caffeinated coffee. Worry about it’s negative [...]

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Coffee Reduces Risk of Depression in Women

March 6, 2012

Coffee Reduces Risk of Depression in Women Coffee is king for yet another reason, according to a study by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health. The new research reveals that caffeine, the stimulant found in coffee, could offer protection against depression. Medical Researchers from Harvard analyzed data from over 50,000 participants in the Nurse’s Health Study in [...]

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Coffee Poem

March 5, 2012

Coffee Poem by Helen Rowland Give me a man who drinks good, hot, dark, strong coffee for breakfast! A man who smokes a good, dark, fat cigar after dinner! You may marry your milk-faddist, or your anti-coffee crank, as you will! But I know the magic of the coffee pot! Let me make my Husband’s [...]

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Legend of the Coffee Bean

March 4, 2012

Coffee is legendary around the world. Perhaps it is legendary on other inhabited planets as well. All of us have enjoyed a cuppa joe that was “out of this world”. However, all the legends we have archived about coffee’s origins and history are from this planet, which at times can vary in it’s reliability from one source to another. This is, as [...]

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Space Coffee

March 2, 2012

Here’s a coffee accessory you can’t live without… if you happen to live in outer space. Apollo 7 was the first NASA manned space mission and the first crew of astronauts to drink coffee in zero gravity. Astronauts long for fresh vegetables and fresh percolated coffee while in space, according to NASA. In earlier missions, [...]

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What is Cold Drip Coffee?

March 2, 2012

What is a Cold Drip coffee? Cold Drip is a Japanese style of coffee made in a 12 hour process that produces a syrupy-sweet concoction that can be enjoyed with time and patience. Bill Abbe, the creator of the Proper Coffee Cold Drip, comments, “My travels around the country, visiting many of the best 3rd [...]

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